Say it With Picture…. HaPPy BirthDay For My LoveLy Friend…

Special Gift For My Lovely Friend, Feni Betriana…

Happy Birthday Fen… (4 Januari 2011)
Wish all the Best For you…
And hope Our Allah give the blessing for you duniya and akheerah!!

Hmm… I think it’s not a Luxurious present.. But, deep from My heart, I just wanna say…

“Thanks God, I have met with them!!!”

nb: sorry jiddan… gambarnya kagak profesional bgt.
But you know what???
I create it with fully of LOVE ^^ *gombalWARMINGskala10* hahahhahaha….
oh ya, betewe gambarnya emang gak cantik cantik amat…
Tapi kita semua tau, kecantikan kita terlalu “SUSAH” untuk dilukiskan di atas selembar kertas… *Silakan muntah* haghaghaghag…. Love You all Guys!!


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Nursing Lecturer who falling in love with words and Arts| Blogger | Maternity Nursing Specialist Candidate | twitter: @aini_cahayamata| Belajar Mengendalikan kata dalam tulisan|
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