>It’s Not About What You Want, but it’s About What You Need… :)


I’m walking alone when I stop to meet some students of Senior High School. All of them are the third class of Senior High School.
They are talking about University that they want after graduating Senior High School.
Confidently, I join with them and make some conversation. Hey, you know what? All of them have some interesting about Medical School….Like doctor,midwife,or Nursing.
Hoo…I don’t know… They choose it because they are really interest with that profesi, or just because “other people choose it, and ofcoure i have too” or because their parents want their child to be an doctor,or stuff like that.
Ok…Actually, my parents were so excited of hearing the news that I pass the exam to enter the Nursing Science in Medical School in Padang. However, I didn’t feel happy at all. I really want to enter the Medical School,but NOT to be a Nurse! At the time, i really want to be a doctor or IF NOT, I just want to enter Science or Physics in one of Institute Technology, i really interested to be an doctor or scientist.
Yeah,that’s my choosen. But my parents…They did’nt let me enter the University out of West Sumatra.
I often asked, how could someone laugh over the tears of others?
My misery life still went on, and I had to be tighly involved in. Every single day, I forced myself to enter the class. I hated seeing the white board,chairs,and people with their thick books an so on.Boring…! How could I fly with that?
“Perhaps some of you are proud to be here, but perhaps some others hate to step on their feet on this building floor.Maybe that was what your parents insisted in.But now, believe me, obeying your parents in “mubah” things such as choosing which University we’d enter is the best for you.So, get real!! You are already here,there’s no option but thank God whatever He gave to you and just enjoy it Insya Allah you’ll find something wonderful that you’ve never thought before” one of my senior said it when she was introducing us the islamic study group.
Enjoy it? I didn’t get what she said because all that is boring and tiring.No interesting thing.Only struggling with a thousands of bizarre terms,comprehending dizzying whole systems in your body, writing a lot of reports,standing on your feet for 3 to 4 houss in the lab or in the room in Hospital (because we may not sit!). O God,how could i spend my life awfuly here? Fulfilled with stress,books so I guessed I’ go crazy immediately!
But one day, i didn’t khow and why, i was surprised by what was crossing in my mind.I had never realized it before when I saw the structure of human body. As a matter of fact, a body consists of more than just flesh and blood. I was thingking hard about how totally dead things like brain,liver,water can build a man who can move,walk,talk,cry,smile. It obviously has something else invisible: SOUL. Who can create it?
I had learned that our body has a briliant perfect system to maintain our normal and how amazing the rules of process in our body.Our self clearly can’t control blood pressure regulation,temperature control,immunology,feelings,desires and many others.We don’t control our self.Obviously human is weak.Who can control it?
The more I contemplate,the more GRATEFUL to GOD I become.We often complain of ugly face,flat nose,small eyes, and so on.But now,i realize that one normal breath is already a very big gift for us! Subhanallah…A tiny little thing means a lot for us.
All of those i’ve learned waking me up that everything is in Allah’s control.He owns what He creates.As humans,our obligation is just to perform as best as we can.No matter what the final result is. It’s beyontd our control.
Perhaps,that’s what Allah wants show me,finding the proof of His Mightiness and the weakness of human being.Sometimes what we hate is what is best for us,but because of our ungratefulness, we often blame something else.Surely,Allah knows the best,He knows all that we do’nt know.
My heart feels as light as feather,no burdens on my shoulder anymore.And that’s right, now I enjoy my studies to pursue my Ners tittle so that i wish someday and somewhere i can help the suffering people.I’m surrendering all of my hard work and my life to Allah.
Ok guys…Maybe you have a strong ideal what you want to be.Do the best to get what you want! but remember, Allah have made a best planing for you! Maybe you received nothing you wanted,but sure You’ll received everything yo NEEDED…

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