Not Galauing Going On…

I was laying on my bed while listening my favorite song and once in while opening my social media account. A friend of mine was updated her status and tagging me in. She said that : Si Nur’aini Uni Aini lagi empty-ness syndrome, makanya saya harus sering-sering apdate status. Demikian #status pesanan.-_- *straigh face*

She said that I’m the one who felt emptyness, so that she should updated the status more often. Hahaha… I really did’nt got what her purpose. And suddenly I’m remembering about our long conversation in telephone the night before. I just said that timeline was going more bored at the day and kinda there is noattractive post to mess up. Yah…. I need a statusto messing arround comfortlyand I can’t find such a freak status to warm up chaotic without being anoyying and ignored my weird comment.  And Actually the only comfort zone in time line i can mess around is just their status!!! Hahaha…

Yeah… Just it…

I hate while some people arround me judged that I’m a Galauners. Do you know what is the meaning of Galau???? Galau is a state of deep depression. Nope! I am NOT!! No galauing going ON  in my case…. Hahahaha.

Because actually…. My day was pretty good, the sun was shining brightly and sometimes rain comes and make the weather comfortly, the city was quite nice, my work load was kinda friendly and i had a very good relationship with the people in my office.

But… Sometimes I just missing them… Who I can tell things that I never shared with another soul … and them who will absorb everything I say and actually want to hear more. They are not embarassed to laugh when we make a fool of ourselves. There is never any pressure, jealousy or competition but only a quite calmness when they arround. I can be myself and not worry about what they will think about me because they love me for who i am. Yeah… I’m missing that kinda friend of mine.

And this all new environment, I can’t find such friend yet. And that state make me little bit empty. Yahh… a pretty silly emptyness. But Of COURSE NOT GALAU yaah !!! Hahaha….

I can’t find better english  for Representation word Galau!!
Sorry for my bad English… 😦

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2 Responses to Not Galauing Going On…

  1. fae says:

    wew, paralu buka gugel translate kalo bamain disiko lai ma..


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