I wonder what would happen in the future
About a progres, about an end and beginning
I really dont know how could those thing come to my life
But sure, it would be a surprising destiny
Every second time in my life, should be a time line that will be a great history
It look like took a long journey, but of course I should be patient to over
Even I am going crazy and such out of my mind to through

2014-04-19 09.37.21

About ainicahayamata

Nursing Lecturer who falling in love with words and Arts| Blogger | Maternity Nursing Specialist Candidate | twitter: @aini_cahayamata| Belajar Mengendalikan kata dalam tulisan|
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7 Responses to wonder…~

  1. apriyandi says:

    gambarnya kurang representatif dengan aselinya sepertinya..
    kenpa bisa lebih kurus di gambarnya… 😀


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