#NulisRandom2015 (Pt. 3) A Planned Journey

2nd June 2015

It’s a national holiday vrooh!!

As our program (from my “Kos-kosan Community”), that we should go travelling at least a day in a month. We decided to go to Puncak Lawang for this June. It’s quiet rempong since a friend of my friend (*we also invited another friend), who brings her 2 little chubby nieces (3 and 4 years old), and the bad news is the nieces can’t resist with the moving car. It called “motion sickness” or “mabuk perjalanan”. Hahaha…. We are too busy to take care the two little girls along the journey. The vomit activity made me felt de ja vu. #FYI when I was a cute little girl, I have the same syndrome!! And for me, it’s worst!! So, I can feel what the nieces felt when they are vomiting.

Talking about Puncak Lawang, it’s really amazing!!

Puncak Lawang is the name of a peak plateau in Agam District of West Sumatra. From this place, we can see the whole view of Lake Maninjau. Located in District Matur, Agam, West Sumatra, and often used for international class paragliding championship because it is one of the best spots in Southeast Asia.

What are we doing there?? Enjoying the view, have lunch while seeing the Lake Of Maninjau, Selfie-ing, Wefie-ing, Chit-Chat-ing, Laughing, and some of friends trying flying fox on our way back to parking area. Me?? Hahaha, I can’t trying that one since I just used my long dress. Yeah you know… it’s about keeping your hijab well.

The best part of Puncak Lawang that I love the most is The Trees with Fog around!! It’s really best place to take a picture guys!!

Here’re some photos that we took.




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3 Responses to #NulisRandom2015 (Pt. 3) A Planned Journey

  1. Sandurezu サンデゥレズ says:

    Great views kak! 🙂


  2. orang mana ukh? sumbar kah ? puncak lawang (y)


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