#NulisRandom2015 (Pt. 6) Kids Nowdays

My little sister, @syifanurqholbi, in her 3rd grade of elementary school, have bought her first gadget, new samsung tab, by her own money….  He got her first handphone last year (*just for call my mom to pick her up from school). He has a long time to saved her money, didn’t buy snacks at school, asking everyone to give additional money, and here is it… a new tab for her.

I don’t think gadget was good for kids, but since my Syifa always asking me to lend android for studying everything, and she also asking mom to get an English Dictionary Calculator, I suggested Mom to just buy a Tab. We can installing many applications to support Syifa’s obsession in studying.

But yeah…. finally Syifa will handle her own facebook account (that I made for her since 4 years ago). She always asking me about the username and password, but I just showed her several times her timeline, and promise that she can handle it after she growing up.

Now, I think that I have extra responsibility to guide her in using android. We should explain the right and wrong thing before let her met with every chaostic thing in the world of internet. Ofcourse she can play 1 or 2 games in her tab later. She is still a kids right!

I really feel that we have a quite big different era…. fiuf…!! My first HP when I was 15 years old, first computer at 16 y.o, first laptop at 19 y.o and first gadget after 23 y’o. I think kids nowdays will get their electronic goods at an early age.
How about you??


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