we dont talk about that


Some people stay at the same place for where they have been,
Some people decide to move around to another diferent place,
Some people quite satisfied with their position,
And another just want leave the place soon…

Everyone has their own path…
Being strugle to make sure they will  have a better life…
Keep fighting until the rest of life
But sometimes just can’t move to other side.

Where are you know? Who are you being with? What kind of job are you doing? Are you happy with that?

I can’t stop all of these questions running on my head. I just felt tired for all of these bussiness, and sometimes I just want to quit!

But, through some contemplation, by doing self reflection, I come to  realise the true destination, the right purpose of human existences. No matter where you are, no matter who you are being with, no matter what kind of dream you are dreaming of, or what you are doing and laughing at, never ever forget about the purpose of human’s life. Ya, we’re only human, the truth is… human’s life to serve Allah. All of activities should be oriented for Allah’s bless. So, there’s no point to regret what you did, as long as you have Allah as the true destination.






About ainicahayamata

Nursing Lecturer who falling in love with words and Arts| Blogger | Maternity Nursing Specialist Candidate | twitter: @aini_cahayamata| Belajar Mengendalikan kata dalam tulisan|
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