Listening to I Believe by Tim Halperin

Hari ini adalah Liqo perpisahan di Bukittinggi. Belum mengenal terlalu lama, tetap saja yang namanya perpisahan itu membuat sedih. Meski kita saling melempar senyum, masing-masing sadar bahwa ada rasa sepi dan mulai kehilangan yang muncul di sela-sela qodhoya.

Well, semoga segera menemukan lingkaran seru lainnya di kota perantauan berikutnya, dear Ni…

~I believe

All the miles and how they pass,
I know I ain’t looking back
All the years and how we change,
But this one thing still remains

All we are is what we want to be
All I know is this was meant for me
I believe that this is not the end,
But the moment we begin to understand
We’re still climbing, and we
We’re sifting through the sand
And we’re taking what we can
But in the end,
We’re still climbing

Listening to I Believe by Tim Halperin

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