Planned Vacation Vs Unplanned Vacation

This semester, I took Stress Management as elective class, one of the most favorite class! We’re taught a lot of ways to manage stress, one of, is the topic titled “Ready for a Real Vacation?”

What is vacation? Vacation is a specific trip or journey whose goal is for recreation and tourism. According to the American Psychological Association (APA), a vacation is one way chosen someone to relieve stress.

In order to be successful, vacation should be well planned. If you dont want it to be the one source of stress rather than relaxing. Preparation before the vacations would support the effectiveness of a vacation. In an article entitled “Revealed: How Vacations Help You Live Longer by Joy Brewer, aims to determine the effect of vacation makers to the recovery stress, quality of sleep and maintenance blood pressure, showed that the group of vacationmakers have an increased ability to recover the stress of 29%, has points quality sleep by 34 points, and decrease blood pressure an average of 6% (itulah sebabnya orang yang suka marah-marah sebaiknya disuruh piknik dulu hehehe). In that study also explained that a vacation can reduce the risk of diabetes mellitus, as well as improving the energy and mood.

Some of the points that were discussed in sessions Ready for the real vacation include:

  • • Determine the place would be visited
  • • Find out about social media sites to be visited
  • • How long will you will do vacation
  • • Plan the family member or friend that would be invited
  • • Consider where to stay
  • • Note the weather patterns
  • • Set budget
  • • Start saving
  • • Make a plan of away today vacations

Whereas in the implementation of vacation, here are some things to consider:

  • Prioritizing comfort
  • Do not Eat too much
  • Take time to rest
  • Seek someone who can be a guide tour.
  • Vacationing far as you can. The study mentioned that the farther from home while on vacation, it will make so much free and more happy.
  • Perform evaluation of the vacation being undertaken in order to make the next plan better.

However, the things that always happen is, I would often carry such an unplanned vacation alias unexpectedly journey. And mirisnya, long-planned vacation often ended in FAILED. I, myself often confused with this interesting facts that also happened to people. But after doing a self-evaluation, i think it happens because inadequate and inaccurate planning. As what happened the last few weeks….🙄

Last week, most of my posts on instagram and the path may be a bit of make you “eneg” because it’s kinda like too much “show off”. Oh Goodness, is not a showing off actually. I just want to make a footprint anywhere I’ve ever been in the path of my life. If others say: Aini does so many vacations, Yes, it is true, I was planning to do that, with the existing time and minimus budget i could.😅

In fact, I’ve got a “quick vacation planning ‘to be implemented. Because the last two weeks, I have 5 days free a week, while the next weeks will be a tough week. I want to create a vacation that is worth it (* read: murah meriah vacation ofcourse, I wish I could pulang kampung ketemu Mamak di rumah if I have a lot of money😂). It really make jealous andenvy to the max to see your classmates who lived in Java already pesan tiket kereta untuk pulang kampung.🤒

Finally, I have the intention to do short backpacking vacation to Yogyakarta. Semacam solo backpacker. There were some friends who can I contact there. Not in so long time, the intention was canceled because the train tickets to Yogyakarta already sold out! Leaving the business class that ‘mehong ceunah’ and the timing is not right though.🙁

Not long ago, I decided to go to Bandung with one of friend, for exploring ‘again’ Bandung-Lembang and the surrounding area. It’s been really fix! But only intermittent overnight, Mbak Rin which initially would I kidnap to Bandung reported that she couldn’t get the extra day for vacation * … Krik Krik Krik. Canceled! *again*


# thugLifeOfNurse’sFriend


Finally we decided to take the “tour de Jekardah”, exploring places that never visited by us. Although it’s too mainstream, we choose TMII and museums to be visited, but it was fun enough! We also visited Kasablanca City, spending time in Daiso, a shop selling Japan household that really cheap, all items only 25K, and ate delicious Ramen at Ikkudo Ichi. The next day, after canceling a visit to Ancol and Chinatown, with one of my classmates, Susan, visited the National Museum of Indonesia near Monas, by using Jakarta City Tour bus stopped to Istiqlal for prayers. The day trip ended with a cheap karaoke together in Kalibata City. Just it. Yeah, it could be really short and not as attractive as visiting Lembang or Jogja. But better than spending time surfing at home.

Although the unexpected vacation often happened successfully rather than planned vacation, but it’s good to still plan the preparation of vacations carefully.


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