#NulisRandom2015 (Pt. 2) An Unexpected Journey

1st June 2015

I woke up really early in the morning. Today is Monday, and as usually I should back to another part of the real life of mine, Bukittinggi, to continue my life as a dreamer that challenge her self to do some works as Nurse and Lecturer.

But this morning there is something quiet different! For the first time in forever (*as  Anna’s song in Frozen), finally, my Mom allowed me to ride motorcycle, alone, just by my self!! Sounds brave yeah! Hohohho….

I can’t believe that! It’s rarely strange and scary when your Mom gives permittion eventhough you are not really excited to ask. But there is a reason back than. My lil bro usually uses the motorcycle for his “malala activity”, and he always coming late in the night. My mom was so angry… so she decided that I should bring the motorcycle to Bukittinggi. My lil bro should study from his default false!

I need about 1 hour and 15 minutes to arrived in Bukittinggi from my beloved village. It’s really cold and little bit scary since I started my journey at 5.45 am.

A lonely road, cold dew, sun rising, what a nice view!! I can’t stop my self to take pictures. Hehehe….

“A lonely road, crossed another cold state line… miles away from those I love, purpose hard to find….” *kemudian nyanyik*



Huuuaaa… finally alhamdulillah… I arrived in Bukittinggi at 07.00, treating myself with eating delicious Bubur ayam in Lapangan Kantin, and preparing to go to campus then….

I can’t wait for my next journey using the motorcycle… Hehehehe…

P.s : sorry for my very bad english, I am still learning 🙂

About ainicahayamata

Nursing Lecturer who falling in love with words and Arts| Blogger | Maternity Nursing Specialist Candidate | twitter: @aini_cahayamata| Belajar Mengendalikan kata dalam tulisan|
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